AwakeningChakra® Healing

Online training is available. Cultivate the infinite ‪‎love‬ hidden in your body. Develop and nurture your‪ ‎mind‬, ‪‎body‬ and ‪soul‬ through your five ‪‎senses‬. Learn ‪healing‬ through ‪conscious‬ eating, visuals, ‪sound‬, ‪yoga‬, touch and smell. Human beings understand and remember things by smell, touch, visuals & sounds. You can learn how to heal, integrate and ‪‎awaken‬ the‪ ‎inner‬ self & others through these divine powers called five senses.

Course content:

This course is designed & developed by Romshri Ashesh (M.D.) Alternative Medicine, India.

AwakeningLove® Chakra Course is focused on Our seven major chakra, their management, healing, balancing &‪ ‎empowerment‬ through conscious use of our five senses. This technique involves guided ‪‎meditation‬, ‪Holistic‬ diet & nutrition, Yoga therapy,‪ ‎Aromatherapy‬, Crystal Therapy‬, Sound Healing, Color Therapy. and techniques to unlock the unconditional love within by ‪therapeutic meditations‬, visualizations and Guided imagery.

Course Duration:

  • 2 days

Take away from workshop:

  • A set of seven chakra crystal healing stones.
  • A set of seven chakra essential healing oils.
  • A Tibetan singing bowl.
  • A set of seven colour healing squares.
  • Other Chakra Goodies.