It’s a long journey, began in childhood when a cousin of mine as a child talked about her past life and my interest became intense after reading Brain Weiss, the author of “Many lives, Many Masters” when was in school. And it was really overpowering when I met Brain Weiss in 2007, while studying MBA in Australia in a workshop. It really opened a whole new universe of the subconscious mind, and how it is connected with all of us in all lives.

My father, is a well-known Hindi writer, so he gave me many names as I grew up. He gave me this name too- Romshri. It’s combination of two words in Hindi. Rom means particle and Shri means Goddess.

Manisha is a name on documents and Romshri is the name that my teachers and friends insisted me to choose forever for its unique and meaningful essence.

Yes I was different from all my peers in school or college. For instance when I was five year old I used to do symbols-healing instinctively on my mother which I later came to know, is a part of Reiki healings. At a young age, I had deep interest in reading Theosophy books and writers like Helena Blavatsky, Henry Olcott, Annie Besant, Osho and J Krishnamurti that nourished my mind and formed my worldview of different things. I used to read and meditate for hours.

In 2007-8 I learnt Past Life Regression Techniques from Dr. Brain Weiss who was conducting a workshop in Australia. It was truly a life-changing experience and it was in fact, Dr. Weiss who suggested me to pursue alternative therapies after seeing my interest. After returning to India completed my training (2011) in Clinical Hypnotherapy from California Hypnosis Institute of India (Now known as EKKA) in Delhi. This was the time when I decided to quit my Job as Vice President Human Resource in a leading corporate and completely came into the world of alternative therapies. Then I learnt ThetaHealing technique from ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge (ThinK) USA from Vianna Stibal, who designed the technique. I learnt HypnoBirthing in Delhi, the natural childbirth education (2013) from HypnoBirthing institute registered in US. I have been practicing all these therapies and healing modalities while teaching and empowering people in different cities like Delhi, Lucknow, Ludhiana, Patna, Manali, Jaipur, Ranchi, Dehradun, Bhubneshwar, Siliguri, Nagpur, Bhopal, Sundergarh (Orissa) and Raipur. I have taught meditation, self-healing and self-empowerment tools to more than 12 lac people till date and now thousands of people have become trainers and doing great healing work. I learn in each class, in healing session from my clients and students. They are my real teachers.

Of course, if the quest is real and honest.

There is an unavoidable urge in me to help people to realize their own hidden powers unconditionally since the beginning and gradually it has become the necessary reminder to my soul. Now I am doing healing and teaching work breathlessly and it keeps me awesomely alive on planet.

Clinical Hypnotherapy, ThetaHealing, HypnoBirthing, Tarot cards reading, spiritual empowerment, Awakening Love therapy spiritual technique , designed by me. I travel all over India to train people and empower them with these therapies. I have developed my own tarot deck called ‘Awakening Love” and many other Healing courses to raise the vibration of an individual

HypnoBirthing is a natural child birth education for expecting parents to facilitate a meditative, peaceful and painless birthing process by eliminating the centuries old false and negative beliefs associated with this, natural and loving phenomena. This technique was developed by Marie Mongan who is based in Florida. As a HypnoBirthing practionor I teach five classes to the mother and the birthing partner during the nine months pregnancy. This involves preparing both mind and body for birthing in calm relaxation, joyful spirit, intense alignment with nature so body’ natural relaxant, endorphins, replaces the stress hormones with loving hormones that makes the entire process the most beautiful experience for the mother , the birthing partner and the baby.

In India, I have done few cases of HypnoBirthing about which the awareness is growing in the city but in India many of the parents opt of the water-birthing which is the most popular part of HypnoBirthing.

I am writing an academic book on Hypnotherapy titled “Healing of Consciousness” for all the students of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy. Hypnosis gives you a scientific approach to delve deep into the realms of mind to heal the unhealed parts of your consciousness.This book is designed to remind that you are the creator of everything that you that is being perceived and experienced in life. The limits of human mind utterly do not exist. Hypnosis is an ancient way to health, rejuvenation and longevity through the power of mind. The second book I have almost completed and soon to be published is “Mystic Travels”, which is a travelogue and compilation of therapeutic case studies of people I met during my Ladakh trip in 2012.

In India, there are many institutes where people are being trained as practitioners and really doing very well. The awareness is more than ever now and people are finding the cure rate quite successful in hypnotherapy.
You might know that many sportsperson have personal clinical hypnotherapist to train their subconscious mind for achieving desired performances. There is a lot of awareness about Clinical Hypnotherapy as a subject and a practice in India, even though not as much as it is in western countries. I am teaching it as an academic subject and have organized numerous workshops in all over India, through Delhi Institute of Health Care and Research. I am the PG guide for the first batch of Fellowship Medical Research in Clinical Hypnotherapy approved by World Health Organization that was completed successfully in 2014 under my guidance as the head the department of Clinical Hypnotherapy.

I am text block. Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.There are many fascinating experiences as I have taught and facilitated sessions to more than 12 lakh people across the country and I am travelling every month for the same, still I would like to mention these inspiring case studies.

The first is of a Delhi based girl who was suffering with Psoriasis, a skin disorder, which occurs due to malfunction of immune system. She had scores of red and white patches on her body and she used to feel pain and burning sensation all the time. In one clinical hypnotherapy session and the self-work she did, her disease got completely cured. Now she has learnt the clinical hypnotherapy and helping others to get healed.

The second is of a 36-year-old business man based in Jalandhar, who suffered from Epilepsy and Seizures that led him to suicidal tendencies. It was a 90 minute hypnotherapy session of past life regression that helped to resolved the conflicts of his present life and after follow up sessions he completely cured all his diseases and now he lives a very normal and positive life.

There was also an interesting relationship issue where the bitterness and revenge between a married couple was harming the whole family. The wife chose the therapy and after few sessions, a lot of childhood issues were cured and integrated which were being projected in the family. A sense of higher truth and forgiveness prevailed and almost all issues got resolved gradually. Now the entire family is learning self-healing, meditation and mindfulness tools and helping each other to achieve peace and love.

The biggest truths about life that I have understood are that, first, the aim of the humanity is to master their thoughts. This means every thought creates a reality and everyone is the creator of their reality. Knowing that I can choose a thought brings a sense of empowerment that leads to the creation of highest and best possibilities. The second most important truth is that Love and Healing should be a revolution on planet Earth and I have dedicated my life for Awakening Love and empowering people.

Subconscious mind is God consciousness in us, we might think that we are deciding everything in our life with our logics and reasoning but the truth is the past experiences recorded in our subconscious mind are being projected as life. Subconscious mind is 6000 times powerful than conscious mind and this is the reason in most of the cases counseling fails as it deals with conscious mind which is only 10 percent of our entire mind. Subconscious mind stores all the known experiences across time in our cells and our cells are programmed naturally to create our physical and mental health using that stored information whether painful or joyful. In therapies, using the power of subconscious mind, we release the negative and limiting cell-memories and replace them with positive and desired programming so that the people can create healthier, happier and higher realities for himself.

The soul is your core consciousness; it is the ground of your being. The purpose of the soul is to create the evolutionary journey to unity consciousness. We do this through being, love, and creative expressions and through service. The soul is the source of all our lives. It projects as the mind, as the body and the universe of our all experiences.

And death is not what most of us believe, it is the shedding of the physical body as the soul progresses to the other side. As science says the energy cannot be destroyed it just changes its form, so death cannot be the end. As a therapist I have seen that we come here repeatedly to learn certain lessons of our souls and the physical body and the mind are the faculties of souls. Death is beautiful opportunity to retain the lessons and come back as more evolved to help others. In this sense there is no death, only life and love.

Healing is a full time job. The literal meaning of healing is to make whole or complete.

It is our responsibility to pay attention to our over-all well being that includes our body, mind and soul. We can’t change our past experiences, but we can choose to acknowledge them, embrace them, let go of all associated heavy and negative emotions, take the wisdom from them and then we can integrate that part of our consciousness into us and may feel complete. By choosing healing and alternative medicine such as Clinical Hypnotherapy, Thetahealing and other healing modalities, a person can release unwanted, negative and limiting energies which were creating diseases and imbalances and make a space for happiness and abundance. I have treated people who were suffering with different types of cancers, asthma diabetes, sexual disorders, hypertension, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, fear and phobias, migraine, joint pains, sexual abuse victims, insomnia, sinus, stress, anxiety, de-addiction, weight management, relationship issues, financial issues and low self-esteem issues.

Like any vocation, quacks are present in this stream too which is the most dangerous because they deal in health and wellness sector which affects human life. There is a need for stricter control on licensing, registration and review of academic case studies to keep a check on upgradation of their knowledge. A good therapist is the one who constantly keep working on his own self and operating through non judgment and unconditional love. Most importantly people should always trust their own intuitions and keep an eye on credibility of the practitioner.

Before preparing for a session I first connect with the highest source, through meditation and withdraw my own judgments and beliefs so I become a transparent channel for the most appropriate readings and healings for the person. This needs a lot of daily belief work where I eliminate my own negative and limiting beliefs and replace them with positive ones.

There are many myths associated with Hypnotherapy but a lot of awareness and acceptance has spread in India. Historically, Hypnotherapy as an alternative modality has evolved in both east and western countries. Hypnotherapy is a drugless modality that deals with subconscious mind and it has power to cure without any side effects. Under hypnosis one never loses his control, it is just a relaxed state of mind where therapies are performed on a willing client.

Yes it can be used in criminal investigation to reach out to the core of the issue or the cause of any action and cure the person at the mind level. It has been used in western countries by army, police and corporate also. But I see Hypnotherapy as a tool of self healing and empowerment first. After that It can be used for any known issue on this planet.

People sometime dismiss the importance of Past Life Regression (PLR) by saying that they live in present. They are unaware of the fact the current life, about 90.9 percent, is repetition of the past lives. We are made of the past life memories and experiences. When someone takes a past life regression therapy, he or she goes back to the root cause of their problems in order to heal and make the changes in their present life. There are many scientific researches on Near Death Experiences, reincarnations and past life experiences. The Hypnotherapy is scientific approach to human mind based on many researches and evidences that cell memories get recycled and get transferred into a biological system called body. Science has found that our cells contains all the data that a cell needs to sustain and reproduce itself and expresses into human body. One of the simplest examples to understand past life impressions is the significant difference between Fears and Phobias. Fear has a known trigger from an experience of current life such as childhood memories etc, whereas a phobia has no known logic or known experience from the current life. A phobic is completely unaware of onset of phobia but cannot manage the emotional and physical charge triggered by it. The roots of all phobias are in the past lives as it is hidden in the primitive memory of our subconscious. Healing the relevant past life can cure phobias and other issues from the roots.