Healing Retreats

Awakening Love Academy invites everyone into a deep state of emotional healing and raises the vibration for the three days & three nights that includes Buddha Purnima in Manali.

The ability that Romshri has to open up an entire audience to a place of honesty and vulnerability is incredible and compassionate. This raw honesty is what has people coming to several workshops no matter the location. This retreat run from whole day with a 1.5 hour lunch break. It is a beautiful experience for those who want to transform their lives for good and become the Creator of their reality by healing their hidden parts.

This retreat is for you:

If you are in need of help resolving deep emotional wounds or are feeling stuck in life, this intensive 3 day retreat is a wonderful opportunity. It is held in a safe, supportive and loving environment under the gentle guidance of skilled Certified Practitioner and therapist Romshri Ashesh, who have reminded more than 15 lakh people of their own powers till date and number is still increasing.

Each day you will work one-on-one with a different techniques of meditation and self-help tools. Romshri will guide you through the Deep Healing Process to help you reclaim the fractured aspects of yourself.

Each day will include One-on-One healing Processing, Group healing Processing, Past Life Regression, inner child Integration Work, meditation, yoga and breath exercises. Morning and Evening Meditations, as well as an opportunity to have fun and connect with like-minded souls.

Scholarships, installments, payment options are available.

Participants residing elsewhere can contact us for fee reduction!

Create a lifetime and life-transforming experience with supportive souls and join us for a transformative, healing journey!

  • Location: Manali or Mussoorie or International Locations
  • Facilitator: Romshri Ashesh
  • Inclusive: accommodation, morning tea, breakfast, lunch, evening tea, dinner, modules and tuition fee.

To register: