Intuitive Tarot Reading Course

Tarot Cards Reading is an ancient divination tool that helps you to see a deeper and higher perspective about life situations, relationships, health, money and everything you experience in physical reality.

Tarot card reading empower you to receive high vibrational guidance and provide answers you have been seeking.

Course Duration:

  • 2 days

This two days workshop will empower you to:

  • Develop your intuitive abilities with Tarot cards
  • History of Tarot Cards
  • How to read tarot cards
  • Learn to read cards for yourself, friends and clients
  • Myths about Tarot Reading
  • Major Mistakes Tarot Readers Often make
  • Structure of the Tarot Deck
  • Court Cards
  • Major & Minor Arcana Cards
  • Reading Tarot Spreads
  • Classic Example Spreads
  • How to Cleanse & Energize your cards
  • Additional Readings and Resources