Become An Instructor with Us

Become An Instructor

We’re happy you’re interested in becoming an Awakening Love Academy instructor. At ALA you can teach independently at any location, what you have learnt with us!

Teach what you love, and know that millions of students are waiting eagerly to learn from you!


Take this amazing journey of inspiration, healing and awakening!

Currently we are offering these Instructor courses:

1. Heal Your ENTIRE Life®️ Instructor

Eligibility: Heal Your ENTIRE Life Basic Course and ThetaHealing Basic DNA

Duration: 2 Days

Description of Course: Heal Your ENTIRE Life®️ Instructor course is an intensive program where during these 2 days, you will learn a step by step process on teaching the Heal Your ENTIRE LIFE®️ seminar to your students effectively.

During this course you will receive a great quantity of scientific information educational material and practical experiences by Romshri.

Not only you will become a certified Instructor of Heal Your ENTIRE Life®️, you will also work on your own fears, doubts and unhealed aspects in order to bring pure love, joy and healing to your classes.

2. Intuitive Tarot Reading Instructor

Eligibility: Intuitive Tarot Card Reading Advanced Course and ThetaHealing Basic DNA

Duration: 2 Days

Description:  In this course you will learn how to provide the ancient knowledge of tarot which is based not on fear-based belief systems but deeply rooted into love and empowerment. You will get to know that how rewarding teaching intuitive tarot is! It’s a wonderful way to help the tarot-curious and as well as professional tarot readers. We are inviting all of those who want to take a real deep dip in the ocean of tarot. Be ready to bring the true art of tarot to the world in a more responsible and scientific way!

3. Awakening Chakra®️ Instructor

Eligibility: Awakening Chakra Course and ThetaHealing Basic DNA

Duration: 2 Days

Description: During these 2 days, you will be well equipped with in-depth knowledge of our seven major chakra. You will also learn how to teach these techniques of chakra healing to your students. You will learn deeper knowledge about healing, balancing &‪ ‎empowerment‬ of chakra through nutrition, Yoga therapy,‪ ‎Aromatherapy‬, Crystal Therapy‬, Sound Healing, Color Therapy.

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