" I explored who I am, how to communicate with higher self and how it feels when u r in trans-state. Let me tell you; there is nothing like "out of control state" in Clinical Hypnosis. You are well aware what u want to say and whether u want to discuss it with the therapist or not. After the session, the sense of pride and self confidence increased miraculously and I am moving ahead in life happily. The limitations and negativity which I used to feel around me were magically vanished . Now I am also learning clinical hypnotherapy under the academic guidance. I was showed the way to self-love, how to flow with the flow and how to create life. This treatment has given a new life to me."

Arti Sharma
Masters in Social Work & and Now a Fellow in clinical Hypnotherapy

"Healing session with a right person can greatly impact your wellness factor. Here I could correctly diagnosed my problem and received correct guidance to deal the situation in a most effective manner. It all depends who you are meeting and how that person will channelize your worries anxieties in a correct way .feeling confident ever since I have taken healing session with Romshri and yes thank you for opening my eyes to myriad goodness of universe. Through psychic surgery ...some childhood issues were scraped out and I have been left with deep sense of freedom .free from bondage of past emotional baggage.thank you ."

Priyanka Chakravarti
(Teacher by Profession) Geography hons. Masters Geography, B.Ed.

"I met Romshri when I was going through a bad phase of my life and was stuck. I was so confused and was not able to figure out which way to go ahead.She helped me to find my way of life through her wonderful tarot cards and counselling session.she guided me very well.she is a blessing to our society.I feel my self fortunate and blessed to met her in this life time. May God give her strength so that she can guide many more in this universe. she is a Gods gift to all those who know her."

Amit Agarwal
Founder of www.spiritualsoul.net

Hi Romshri, The reading you gave me today regarding my career that i get too many things on my plate and then have no focus on priority is so true. Also planning my career with a long term vision is also correct. I have realised these things offlate and I find myself in a mess for now. You mentioned about third eye meditation by focussing on all chakras where can I learn this art ? Thanks a lot for taking out time to help others with their problems and guide them to an answer . Warmly , Hrishi

Hrishikesh Rokade

Thanks Romshri. It were you who made me know the meaning of my being ME. Yes, it were you who made me to believe in the unbelievable like Tarrot, Past Life, Inner Child etc. Of course it were You and YOU only who initiated a new innings for me. Thanks a lot for the smile, energy, inner strength and yes tears too, of which you were a via-media. Thanks for the smile every time we shared glances, for the warm hugs whenever I needed it the most....... I salute this blessed soul, lovely child of Creator.

‎Geeta Sharma‎
(Manali Mystic Moon Camp Participant)

Hi Romshri, I absolutely Loved the Reading and Healing you did For me with Detailed Reporting which absolutely Resonated with me. Must say Simply Awesome work.. Purely Selfless. Really Grateful ..Thank You

Yogesh Mansharamani‎

What I like the best in Awakening Love workshop, is a very difficult question, it is like asking a child, Do you like your mother the best or father. My journey with Awakening Love started last year in the month of May with a spiritual Camp in Manali and that was a turn around for my life. Open Environment, No one is judged and we have been guided at each step when we are struggling with our own life. There has not been a looking back after that. The courses are in depth, makes you meet our own self and widen our way to look at life. There was an introduction to a new perspective on life ,Learn to Love Your Own Self. Romshri is just amazing. Honestly, I always feel my divine time could have arrived much earlier and get me associated with Awakening Love. It is not that institute which coaches you and leaves you to swim in the ocean on your own without guidance. It keeps us bonded, and extends help/assistance/remedy whenever required. It is the most beautiful path of loving and knowing my own self.

Smita Deep
Works for British Airways

I have done many courses in my life but after doing heal your entire life I noticed that many of my beliefs had ended. That little fear that was left inside me also gone. The best part of this session is that when I was in my moms womb; there was a whole world away from here, only I was there and no one else. It was an awesome experience for me. I do not want to come back from there but again and again, my instructor called me back. She was a disturbing element at that time. After some time I had to come back coming back I felt so light like a feather. I was speechless. Nothing is better than mom in this whole world. Everyone should experience this program. It was an amazing feeling. Thanks

Seema Swasti
A spiritual writer, certified life coach, ThetaHealer, Gayvasidh, swasth rakshak and a socialist.

Before I used my intuition to heal and solve people’s problem which deep inside my own power was utilized and somewhere I got weak because of that. There were some incidents before Theta where I was no doubt able to heal people but that use my energy and literally got very weak. But learning theta healing and using energy of the universe to heal gave me very great benefits now I don’t even feel my energy draining. I felt like I was just a tool who just channels the healing energy from the universe to someone. Tarot card reading gave me confirmation that my intuition is working right. Now it is not me who is giving the answers those are tarot and more or less client himself chooses the answer my work is only to tell what the tarot is saying. I just decode the message. 90% of the time I am able to give what the client is in need of. I always wanted a teacher full of values and “Romshri ma’am “is the best example of that. It seems like she is very professional but when you sit with her you will see she is super sensitive, powerful and intuitive. She exactly gives the thing or values which totally required for you at the moment and completes you as an individual. Before meeting her I was totally with the intention to compete with my mates but now I have created a belief that “mast raho bus”. She always motivating me makes me realize that to matter what she is standing beside me and made me more confident. She taught me that you can learn from literally anything in the environment. I like the innocence from which she gives my answers. Her childlike nature is always present and free-flowing.Thanks

Aman Arora
ThetaHealing Practitioner Art of Living Teacher

I am most appreciative of Awakening Love Academy and Romshri Ashesh who guided me to the process of ThetaHealing which has led me to develop my intuitions and connection with Creator of All That Is . ThetaHealing provided me exceptional skills to help myself live peacefully and joyfully making a huge difference in myself by giving me a sense of wholeness. I feel like I am back in my heart space and i am back in my powers. We all know that our beliefs govern our lives and I had plenty of such beliefs which did not serve me. After learning Thetahealing, I felt total relief, like a huge burden has been lifted. There are so many changes in my life about how I feel and how I perceive the world now. I am so grateful to the Creator for putting me on this path and so grateful to Romshri forletting me know how it feels to live life in gratitude. She is an awesome master and a gifted healer with kind and loving heart. I would highly recommend Thetahealing to anyone who is in challenging life situations or into spirituality.

Minaxi Rathore
A home-maker and an Army Wife.